Local 13-243, Beaumont, TX

Benefits & Charities

USW Local 13-243 has been involved in many charities and has contributed to countless benefit funds. Below is a short listing of the Benifts & Charitble causes we support.

The Mark Hidalgo Cancer Fund
WOS Quarterback Reggie Garrett
Chris Quinn Memorial Complex
The Salvation Army
El Mina Shrine Center
The Beaumont Enterprise Newspapers in Education Sponsor
USW Strike & Defense Fund
WOS Beach Cleanup
American Cancer Society


Mark Hidalgo

The Mark Hidalgo Cancer Fund was set up by committee members for the collection and distribution of funds to help our members in times where they are getting less than 100% pay due to cancer related illness. Money for this fund is received from the sales of bracelets, (Fighting For the Cure – Blue/Yellow) and other ways the committee agrees on.

The Mark Hidalgo Cancer Fund is for USW Local 13-243 Members only. To qualify for this fund the member will have to fill out an application which will be reviewed by the committee. Family members do not qualify. However, in cases where money needs to be raised for spouses or children of a member, Local 13-243 donates its facilities, located at 2490 S. 11th Street, for benefits in those situations.




Reggie Garrett
USW Local 13-243 has contributed $250 to the account set up to help Reggie Garrett's family with his final expenses. We would like to give our condolences to the family and friends of this young man who's life was cut way too short.
Contributions can be made to:

Firestone Credit Union
Mac Arthur Drive - Orange, TX
Account Number: 11414-01

West Orange-Stark High School quarterback Reggie Garrett died from an apparent seizure during a game on Friday night. He reportedly collapsed on the sideline after throwing a touch-down pass in the midst of the second quarter.


Fox Sports reports that the high school senior was transported to Memorial Hermann Baptist-Orange Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 9:30pm.

The 6-2 inch senior quarterback is a top Google trend Saturday morning as the news of the student’s untimely death circulates in this extremely traumatic event for the young man’s family and Garrett’s teammates.

Hospital spokeswoman Mary Poole, told Fox News that an autopsy had been ordered to find the exact cause of Reggie Garrett's death.

Local newspaper, the Beaumont Enterprise, reports that West Orange coach Dan Hooks Garrett’s mother states that her son, Reggie Garrett had suffered a seizure “maybe three years ago.”

--- Article from The Examiner


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