Local 13-243, Beaumont, TX

Subscribe to Text Alerts

To opt in and receive Text Message Alerts directly to your cell phone, please contact Darrell Kyle, Jesse Herin or Ruben Cantu

If you are a Union Steward or Officer of the Union you may be added to those groups as well. However, you must contact me and request to be added.

Text Message Alerts may consist of Meeting Reminders, Important Notices, General Messages and other types of information related to USW Local 13-243.

Standard Message Rates with your cell phone carrier will apply.


We will never, under any circumstances, sell or distribute your information to third parties for whom you have not approved.
We will never distribute any personal information about you, including your phone number, name or any other piece of identifying information.
You may opt out of receiving message alerts at anytime by simply replying with the word "STOP". But remember that this will have to be done with each group you select below.
Providing an e-mail address is not required. It will send a duplicate message to your e-mail in addition to a text.
Contact Darrell Kyle or Ruben Cantu with any questions regarding this feature.

Darrell Kyle




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